Kia Mui Li: A New Way to Communicate

This is a fast and easy to learn, new way of using sounds and symbols to communicate ideas.


Millions of people around the world, of all educational levels, talking and writing to each other, across cultural divides and free of language barriers. Does this vision excite you? Does the idea of people taught to hate each other talking and learning about each others lives capture your interest?





Ever since the proverbial Tower of Babel divided people, and broke their ability to talk to each other, differences in culture and belief systems have led to wars and conflicts.

Isn't it time there was a simple way to bridge the gap?

In the last century, the most popular universal language was Esperanto, with about 2 million speakers. It was an ingenious, very simple language, very much easier and faster to learn than verb conjugations, noun declensions, and hundreds of irregular forms.

But the poor students still had to memorize an enormous, time consuming vocabulary.

Now, with Skype, the internet, cheap international phone calls, video chats and the global workplace, a simple way is needed to get ideas across the world, with a short learning curve

252 single syllable words, each representing a fundamental concept covers the entire range of ordinary, non-technical communication! The grammar is 8 simple rules.

At least 10 times easier and faster to learn than Esperanto, it promises an end to the cultural isolation that has caused so much misunderstanding and conflict.

This website will include a chat room where people can talk or write to each other in the new way.

If you want to travel and stay with other people interested in KiaMuiLi, join the couchsurfing group at


What use is a universal language if you have to know English to learn it?


The English lessons are already here. I am continuing to develop the universal lessons, using pictures, sounds and animations, so that anyone can learn the language, no matter what language they speak or don't speak. Even people who cannot read or write will be able to learn this language. These generic lessons could also be used to create a video game, so that people all over the world could learn by playing.


You are invited to get involved!


Send your ideas and suggestions for teaching this system. Cartoons, video clips and other ideas for teaching these lessons would be extremely helpful.

Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.