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Emotion  ba = emotion. feeling. attitude. sensation.

laughingbai = funny. laughing. laughter.

crying-Opposite, bain = cry. crying. grief.

admire  bau = admire. appreciate. admiring.

hate-Opposite, baun = despise. hate.

blissbe = bliss. serenity. ecstasy. nirvana.

romantic  bei = romantic. poetic. melodic.

discordant-Opposite, bein = discordant. jarring. crass.

enjoyment  bi = enjoyable. happy. enjoy. content.

unhappy-Opposite, bin = unhappy. miserable.

pleasing   bia = pleasant. pleasure. pleasing.

slum-Opposite, bian = unpleasant. pain. painful.

fun  bie = game. play. fun. playful. easy going.

strict-Opposite, bien = serious. strict.

courage  bio = courage. confident. brave. confront. face up to.

worry-Opposite, bion = fear. worry. concern.

politenessbiu = polite. please.

rude-Opposite, biun = rude. obnoxious.

excitedbo = exciting. enthusiastic. excited. interested. interest.

bored-Opposite, bon = bored. disinterest. boring.

clear  boi = clear. certain. prove. definite.

doubt-Opposite, boin = doubt. uncertainty. fog. haze. foggy.

ambitious  bou = ambitious. promising.

apathy-Opposite, boun = apathetic. hopeless.

grateful  bu = grateful. gratitude. thanks. thank you.

resentment-Opposite, bun = resentment. resent.

angrybui = angry. anger.

calm-Opposite, buin = calm. dispassionate.

like  bw = like. loving. caring. compassion. love. supportive.

hostile-Opposite, bwn = hostile. hate.

envy  bwi = jealous. envy.

sorry  bwu = sorry. regret. apology.

associationfa = with. having. assign. in association.

fishbike-Opposite, fan = disrelated.

portionfai= part. portion. piece.

intersection  fau = cross. meet. intersect. meeting.

avoid-Opposite, faun = avoid. miss.

concerning   fe = about. concerning. of. in relation to. for.

satiated   fei = full. fill. satiated.

empty-Opposite, fein = empty. hollow.

ownershipfi = have. own. ownership. property.

gathering   fia = gathering. together. gather group. combine. combination.

solo-Opposite, fian = alone. solo. only.

RELATIONSHIP  fie = marry. connect. join together. relationship.

divorce-Opposite, fien= divorce. separate.

family  fio = family. related by blood.

village  fiu = village. tribe. community. nation.

wantfo = want. desire. hope. prefer. intend.

authority  foi = authority. compelling force. law. rules. require. expect. order.

disobey-Opposite, foin = disobey. resist.

harmonious  fou = co-operate. harmony. harmonious.

against-Opposite, foun = against. conflict. opposing. fight. compete. struggle.

promise  fu = promise. hope. trust.

betray-Opposite, fun = betray.

compare  fui = compare. ratio. proportion.

contrast-Opposite, fuin = contrast.

debt  fw = debt. owe. required. obligation. obliged. bill. should.

surplus-Opposite, fwn = credit. surplus.

evidencefwi = show. example. evidence. demonstration. point to.

specify  fwu = which. what. who. specify.

Causega = create. cause. make. construct. build.

destroy  -Opposite, gan = destroy. crush. squash. break. discreate.

sound  gai = sound. vibrate. shake. noise.

calm-Opposite, gain = calm. silent.

impact  gau = hit. strike. impact.

start  ge = Start. begin.

finish-Opposite, gen = stop. end. complete. last. final.

forcegei = force. energy. work. effort. power. loudness stress.

exhausted-Opposite, gein = tired. exhausted. depleted.

work  gi = work. do. activity. behaviour. action. procedure. function. operate.

lazy-Opposite, gin = lazy. inactive. idle.

manage  gia = drive. control. regulate. manage. lead. leader.

assist  gie = Assist. help. support. encourage. willing to. kind. friendly. rescue.

damage-Opposite, gien = harm. damage. break.

rescue  gio = retrieve. save. rescue. recover.

holdgiu = carry. support. hold.

dropping-Opposite, giun = drop.

gogo = go. move. come. put. journey. travel. send. movement.

stay-Opposite, gon = remain. stay. keep still.

clothing  goi = clothing. cover. layer. protect. defend.

exposed-Opposite, goin = vulnerable. exposed.

attempt  gou = try. attempt. test. experiment.

give up-Opposite, goun = give up. abandon.

changegu = change. alter.

persist-Opposite, gun = continue. remain the same. persist.

writing  gui = Write. writing. written form. book. magazine.

fast  gw = high pitch. fast. rapid. speed.

slow-Opposite, gwn = slow. low pitch .

painting  gwi = draw. paint. sculpt. art. artwork.

entertaingwu = entertain. entertainment. perform. entertaining. amuse.

annoying-Opposite, gwun = annoy. irritate.

Foundation  gla = floor. basic. foundation. fundamental.

ready  glai = make ready. prepare. mature.

profound  glau = profound. deep. advanced.

shallow-Opposite, glaun = shallow. trivial. superficial.

valuable  gle = value. worth. valuable. good. useful. benefit.

rubbish-Opposite, glen = worthless. trash. rubbish.



glei = authentic. true. truth. reliable. trustworthy. genuine. real.

-Opposite, glein = deceive. lie. trick. false. pretense.



healthy  gli = health. good. functioning well. vibrant. healthy.

sick-Opposite, glin = broken. sick. nauseous. ill.

important  glia = important. meaning. significance. importance. weight.

unimportant-Opposite, glian = irrelevent. unimportant.




  glie = frequency. pitch. recurrence. rhythm. repetition. often. chain. series. habitual. repeatedly. glie+ a number = the number of repetitions.




explainglio = describe. description. define. explain.

confuse-Opposite, glion= confuse. cause confusion.

sortinggliu = sort. classify. type. category.

fortunate  glo = lucky. luck. fortune. magic. magical.

bad luck-Opposite, glon = misfortune. bad luck. unfortunate. unfortunately.

security  gloi = safety. safe. secure. peaceful.

Risk-Opposite, gloin = risk. danger.

complicated  glou = complicated. complex. detailed.

simple-Opposite, gloun = simple. uncomplicated. simply.

ethical  glu = ethical. worthiness. moral. honor. deserve. high.

criminal-Opposite, glun = criminal. unethical. evil. low.

familiar  glui = familiar. known. accustomed. used to.

weird-Opposite, gluin= strange. unusual. spooky.

correct  glw = correct. appropriate. fitting. right.

out of place-Opposite, glwn = wrong. inappropriate. out of place.

Healthy Foods  glwi = natural. organic.

artificial-Opposite, glwin = plastic. artificial.

Salt  glwu = salt. salty. spice. spicy.

pure  ka= clean. pure.

pollution-Opposite, kan = contaminated. pollute.

metallic  kai = metal. metallic.

warmHot  kau = warm. hot.

deep freeze-Opposite, kaun = cold. freezing.

air  ke= air. gas. vapor. sky. oxygen.

burn  kei= burn. fire.

water  ki = water. liquid. fluid.

New  kia = new or young.

old -Opposite,kian = old.

fresh  kie= fresh. like new.

Corroded-Opposite, kien = rusty. corroded. decayed.

taste  kio = taste.

Smell  kiu = smell. odor.

solidko = solid. mass.

Sweet  koi = sweet.

sour-Opposite, koin = sour.

electricity  kou = electric. electricity.

dust  ku = tiny particles. dust. smoke. fog.

smooth  kui = smooth. even.

rough-Opposite, kuin = rough. rub. friction.

flexible  kw= flexible. easy going. open minded. free thinker. soft. loose.




-Opposite, kwn= rigid. firm. unyielding. dogmatic. insisting. hard. hardness. tight.





hole  kwi= hole. gap. crack. interrupt.

continuous-Opposite, kwin= continuous. unbroken.

sticky  kwu = sticky. glue. attach. stick.

slippery-Opposite, kwun = slippery. slide.

yes  la = yes. affirmative. real.

no-Opposite, lan = no. not. negative.

discover  lai = find. discover. explore. experience. feel. search. learn. study.

forget-Opposite, lain = lose. forget.

allow  lau = permit. enable. allow. willing. free. open.

forbid-Opposite, laun = hinder. block. prevent. forbid. restrain.

hello  le= hello. greetings.

goodbye-Opposite, len = goodbye.

chance  lei = may. chance. likelihood. possible. maybe. possibility.

Speakli = Say. reveal. language. sing. communicate. story. tell or talk.

secret -Opposite, lin = secret. hidden. confidential or hide.

normallia= normal. usual. usually. natural.

exception-Opposite, lian = except. only. exception.

mouth  lie = mouth. entrance. door. gate. opening.

shut-Opposite, lien = shut. closed.

Method  lio = how. way. method. manner. ritual. practice. exercise.

depend  liu = need. depend. rely. necessary.

unnecessary-Opposite, liun = independent. unnecessary.

agree  lo = agree. agreement. concur.

disagree-Opposite, lon = oppose. object to. disagree. refuse.

comprised  loi = is made of. consist of. comprise.

-Opposite, loin = does not contain or include.

justice  lou = justice. fair. balance.

injustice-Opposite, loun= injustice. abuse of power. bias. abuse.

comfort  lu = easily. easy. ease. facility. comfort.

Difficult-Opposite, lun = difficult. uncomfortable. puzzle. challenging.

Ego  lui = brag. ego. pretension. boast.


washing feet




luin= modest, self-deprecating, humble, humility






knowledge  lw = knowledge. information. concept. idea.

Interesting  lwi = topic. subject of interest.

advise  lwu = suggest. advise. suggestion.

warning-Opposite, lwun = warn. caution.

feminine  ma = she. female. woman. feminine. yin.

male symbol1-Opposite, man = male. man. masculine. he. yang.

animal  mai = animal. pet.

insect  mau = insect.

thisme = this. here.

that-Opposite, men = that. there.

plant mei = plant. vegetation. tree. bush.

memi = I. me. self. identity.

mushroommia = mushroom. fungus.

bacteria  mie = bacteria. microbe. virus. disease.

ghost  mio = ghost. spirit. essence. non-physical.

machinemiu = vehicle. machine. equipment.

person  mo = human. person. body or he/she.

impression  moi = impression. imprint. mark. memory. record. discover.

erase-Opposite, moin = erase. forget.

Light  mou = light. radiation. brightness. visual.

dark-Opposite, moun = dark.

white  mu = white.

black-Opposite, mun = black.

world  mui = realm. world. universe. cosmic.

Atom-Opposite, muin = atom. smallest particle.

flyingbirdmw = bird.

science  mwi = science. laws of nature. logic.

picture  mwu = image. picture.

one  pa = 1. unit. single. individual. each.

pai = 7.

eight  pau = 8.

two  pe = 2. again.

pei = 9.

three  pi = 3.

everything  pia = all. whole. everything. completely. infinite. eternal. unlimited.

 nothing-Opposite,pian = 0. zero. nothingness. absence of. without. never.

number  pie = amount. quantity. number. list.

as far as  pio = as far as. until. up to. enough that.

many  piu = many. very. much. big.

just a little-Opposite, piun = little. some. sometimes. occasional. few.

four  po = 4.

multiply poi = multiply by. times.

divide-Opposite, poin = divide.

Almost  pou = close. nearly. near. almost. soon.

five  pu = 5.

accurate  pui = exact. accurate. specific.

vague-Opposite, puin = approximate. vague.

pw = 6.

metrepwi = meter. metric.

pwu = decimal (point).

device  pla = thing. object. device. instrument.

silver  plai = silver.

ironMan  plau = iron.

material  ple = material. matter. stuff. substance. chemical. physical.

wooden  plei = wood. wooden.

arm  pli = arm.

leg-Opposite, plin = leg.

Ocean  plia = ocean. sea. water. lake.

buildingplie = building. structure.

wire plio= cylinder. line. rope. chain. cylinder. rod. rail. wire. cylindrical. tube.

sunshine  pliu = sunshine. sun. star.

handplo = hand.

foot-Opposite, plon = foot.

ground  ploi = ground. earth. planet.

canineplou = dog. canine.

finger  plu = finger.

toe-Opposite,plun = toe.

catplui = cat. feline.

money plw = money. gold.

hair  plwi = hair. bristle. feather. wool. fur.

alcohol plwu = alcohol. intoxicant.


receiveqa = obtain. get. receive. acquire.

release-Opposite, qan = release. let go.

ask  qai = ask. request.

answer-Opposite, qain = answer. respond. reply.

calculate  qau = calculate. solve. think. unlock.

problem-Opposite, qaun = problem. challenge. task. lock.

consumeqe = eat. drink. digest. absorb. process. understand. consume.

RejectFood-Opposite, qen = reject. throw away. expel (waste) from body.

organization qei = system. plan. organize. tidy. arrangement.

untidy-Opposite, qein = chaos. random. untidy.

event  qi = event. happen. occasion. experience. phenomena.

fiction-Opposite, qin = non-event. did not happen. fiction. story.

holdqia = hold. store. save.


dropping-Opposite, qian = drop.

choose  qie = decide. choice. decision. select. or.

reverse qio = return. reverse. make Opposite, switch direction. reflect.

inspired  qiu = inspire. dream. imagine. vision. inspiration.

-Opposite, qiun = nightmare

more  qo = more. greater.

less-Opposite, qon = less. fewer.

cuttingqoi = cut. cutting. sharp.

Blunt-Opposite, qoin = blunt.

imitate  qou = copy. imitate. mimic. duplicate.

most  qu = most. greatest.

smallest-Opposite, qun = least. smallest.

measure  qui = measure. assess. judge. estimate. test.

toomany  qw = too much. too many. overly.

insufficient-Opposite, qwn = not enough. insufficient.

tolerant  qwi = tolerate. tolerant. forgive.

accuse-Opposite, qwin = accuse. judge. criticize. blame.

patience  qwu = wait. patience. await.

impatient-Opposite, qwun = impatient.

divinelight  ra = God. divine. spirit.

satan-Opposite, ran = devil. satan.

competence  rai = able. can do. ability. the right to. competent. intelligent.

stupid-Opposite, rain = stupid. incompetent. unable.

becomerau = become.

restore-Opposite, raun = revert back to. restore.

existence  re = being. exists. existence. be. as. is.

food  rei = food. fuel. sustenance. nutrient.

hungry-Opposite, rein = hunger. deprivation. lack. hungry.

Alive  ri = alive. living. life.

death-Opposite, rin = dead. death.





  ria = parent.

-Opposite, rian = child.






sexy  rie = sex. sexual. sexy.

attention  rio = pay attention. awake. attention. looking. focus. conscious. consciousness.

sleepy-Opposite, rion= asleep. sleep. unaware.

succeed  riu = succeed. win.

failure-Opposite, riun = fail. lose. failure.

home  ro = home. reside. shared location. residence.

giftroi = give. gift. prize. reward.

penalty-Opposite, roin = penalty. fine. take. steal.

mind  rou = mind. mental.

opinionru = think. believe. belief. expect. opinion.

amazing  rui = amaze. surprise. wonder. extraordianary.

ordinary-Opposite, ruin = ordinary. average. normal. common. natural.

look  rw = look. perceive. view. watch. see.

peaceful  rwi = peace. peaceful. non-violent.

violent-Opposite, rwin = harsh. brutal. violent.

suddenrwu =Sudden. suddenly. instantaneous.

gradual-Opposite, rwun = gradual. slope. sloping.

color  ta = color.

-colorlessOpposite, tan = colorless.

time  tai = time. related to time. during. when. in time. age.

timeless-Opposite, tain = timeless. ageless.

dimensions  tau= dimension.

you te = you.

transparent  tei = transparent.

opaque-Opposite, tein = opaque.

red  ti = red.

orange-Opposite, tin= orange.

Lake Louise  tia = beautiful. beauty. aesthetic.

ugly-Opposite, tian = ugly. repulsive.

after  tie = after. following. later. future.

past-Opposite, tien = before. previous. past.

secondstio = second. moment.

minute  tiu = minute.

yellow  to = yellow.

green-Opposite, ton = green.

hour  toi = hour.

day  tou = day.

night-Opposite, toun = night.

blue  tu = blue.

purple-Opposite, tun = purple.

moon  tui = month. moon. satellite.

permanent  tw = permanent.

temporary-Opposite, twn = temporary.

year  twi = year.

magnet  twu = magnet. magnetic. attract.

repel-Opposite, twun = repel. push away.

doer  va = person or thing who does. cause. source. origin. force behind action or condition.

receiving-Opposite, van = person or thing acted upon. done to.

consequently vai = so. consequently. as a result. therefore.

David  vau = symbol. name. word. called. title. syllable.

more  ve = and. in addition. including. plus.


minusminus2-Opposite, ven = minus. subtract.

equalvei = that. it. same. who. the one referred to. equal.

different-Opposite, vein = else. other. another. remaining. different.

Conditionalvi = if. conditional. depend.

anyway-Opposite, vin = but. anyway. no matter what. although. unconditional.

mutual  via = mutual. exchange. to each other. trade. commerce. business.

toolsvie = by means of. using. use.

result vio = product. result. consequence.

substitute  viu = instead of. in place of. replace. substitute. symbolize. equivalent. represent.

QuestioningDogsvo = who? what? Where? It makes a phrase into a question.

illusion  voi = appears to be. similar. like. feel like. apparency.

acknowledgevou = acknowledge. recognize. accept. receive.

reject-Opposite, voun = refuse. reject.

Commitment  vu = definitely. emphasis. promise. commit.

prohibited-Opposite, vun = not. negation of phrase.

blueprint  vui = design. shape. form. blueprint. pattern.

random-Opposite, vuin = shapeless. random. by chance.

purpose  vw = purpose. so that. because. reason for. as.

Occupationsvwi = job. occupation. profession.

halfvwu = half. between. half way. middle.

location  za = location. center. point of origin. place. position. point.

scattered-Opposite, zan = scatter. dispersed.

above  zai = above. over.

under-Opposite, zain = below. under.

topzau = top. head. north.

south-Opposite, zaun = bottom. south.

forwardze = towards. to. direction forward. front. face.

backwards-Opposite, zen = from. back. backwards.

verticle  zei = vertical. standing.

horizontal-Opposite, zein = horizontal. lying down.

up  zi = up. away from center. away. outwards.

down-Opposite, zin = down. inward. towards center. towards. fall.

distance  zia = length. distance. long. height. tall.

surface  zie = surface. area. land (2 dimensions). side. wall.

size  zio = size. volume. space. room (3 dimensions) .

thickness ziu = thickness. density. wide. thick. fat.

thin-Opposite, ziun = thin. rarefied.

in  zo = in. within. contained. among. into. includes. surrounded by.

outside-Opposite, zon = outside.



  zoi = container. bag. shell. edge. perimeter. surrounding surface. skin.




platonic solids  zou = square. geometric shape.

curve -Opposite,zoun = round. turn. curve. roll. twist. circle.

on  zu = on. adjacent. touching. touch.

off-Opposite, zun = off. away from.

flat  zui = flat. straight. direct.

sitting-Opposite, zuin = bend. sit. fold. corner. angle. angular. sitting.

across  zw = through. via. going through. across.

detour-Opposite, zwn = bypass. go around. detour.

clockwise  zwi = clockwise. right. west.

counterclockwise-Opposite, zwin = left. counter-clockwise. east .

path  zwu = road. path. route. street.




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