Lesson 11.


He sat on a smooth, wooden bench: man gad manh mos zuin zu kui plei zein zies

(Literally: He caused his body to sit (bend) on a smooth wooden horizontal surface.)







kui = smooth, even.  





roughOpposite, kuin = rough, rub, friction 







plei = wood, wooden 






A back rub can give pleasure: kuin zen moh rai roi bias

(Literally: Rubbing the back of the body can give pleasure) 

Driving a car safely requires a long, unbroken road: miu go gloi liu zia kwin zwu

(Literally:  Car go safely necessary long continuous road.) 





zwu = road, path, route, street 


Dried soda on the floor made it sticky: koi ki rei vei raud pian kis gad glas plieh re kwu

(Literally: Sweet liquid food that became without water, caused the floor of the building to be sticky.) 






gla = floor, basic, foundation, fundamental 








kwu = sticky, glue, attach, stick.  





slipperyOpposite, kwun = slippery, slide 


He slid down a slippery slope: man god zin kwun zies vwu zein ve zei

 (Literally: He moved down slippery surface between horizontal and vertical.)

His clothes were scattered around the room: manh goic zand piu zac zo pa zio zo plie

(Literally: His clothing was scattered many locations in one room in the building.)   

Get off the couch: go zun pla vw mosi rai zein ven zuin

(Literally: Go off the object with the purpose body able to be horizontal or sitting.) 

They normally bypass the city: moc lia zwn zac vei piu moc ro

 (Literally: They usually bypass places that a lot of people live.)  

At high elevations, the air is thin: piu zia zi ploi ke ziun

(Literally: much distance up from earth, air is rarefied.   

He described the land as completely flat: man gliod zies re pia zui







glio = describe, description, define, explain. 








confuseOpposite, glion = confuse, cause confusion 


The design showed a clockwise movement: vui fwid go zwi 





vui = design, shape, form, blueprint, pattern.  





randomOpposite, vuin = shapeless, random, by chance 





fwi = show, example, evidence, demonstration, point to 








zwi = clockwise, right, west.  





counterclockwiseOpposite, zwin = left, counter-clockwise, east 


I want to go 4 kilometers to the east: mi fo go popianpianpian pwic zwin 


They used silver instead of iron or another metal: moc vied plai viu plau ven vein kai





plai = silver 







viu = instead of, in place of, replace, substitute, symbolize, equivalent, represent 














plau = iron 










Time is the fundamental lie of existence: tai re gla glein fe re 


I acknowledge that you think my ideas are rubbish: mi vou vei te ru mih lwc re glen 






vou = acknowledge, recognize, accept, receive.  




rejectOpposite, voun = refuse, reject 


Ethical behaviour will make you less likely to get sick: glu gi gaj qon lei te rau glin







glu = ethical, worthiness, moral, honor, deserve, high.  





criminalOpposite, glun = criminal, unethical, evil, low 


Unfortunately the death of this soldier was considered irrelevent: glon rin meh manh fa vwi fe fou vw fiu rud re glian

(Literally: Unfortunately the death of the man with the occupation about fighting for the country, was thought to be irrelevent.) 





glia = important, meaning, significance, importance, weight.  













Opposite, glian = irrelevent, unimportant 







The criminal was held in a secret location: glun mo red qiad zo lin zasi

He gave the correct answer to a complicated problem: man roid glw qain glou qaunsi




glou = complicated, complex, detailed.  




simpleOpposite, gloun = simple, uncomplicated, simply 


Food was prepared for a large family: rei glaid piusi fiosi





glai = make ready. prepare. mature.  






fio = family, related by blood 


They made small talk before the wedding: moc gad glaun li tien bi fie qi 




fie = marry, connect, join together, relationship.  




divorceOpposite, fien = divorce, separate 


His sermon about God just caused confusion: manh li fe ra gad gloun glion

(Literally: His speech about God caused simply confusion.) 





ra = God, divine, spirit.  




satanOpposite, ran = devil, satan 




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