Lesson 12.


She was open minded enough not to reject strange ideas: ma kwd pio lan voun gluin lwc 






glui = familiar, known, accustomed, used to.  








Opposite, gluin = strange, unusual, spooky 




The patient was familiar with the procedure to make the body well: van gluid fe gi vw ga mos rau gli

(Literally: Person acted upon was familiar with action purpose to cause body to become well.)  


He chose his test subjects at random: man qied manh gou vanc vuin


The subject of her study was disrelated to the need of that moment: lwi mah lai fand liusi menh tioh





lwi = topic, subject of interest 





The candidate promises to protect the right to travel: va gou rau viu moch fiuh fu goi rais go

(Literally: Person trying to become representive of the people of the community, promises to protect ability to travel.)






fu = promise, hope, trust.  





betrayOpposite, fun = betray 


He was overwhelmed by the size of his student loan: manh piu fw vio za laih red qw gei zu manh rou

(Literally: His large debt resulting from the place of study was too much stress on his mind.)







fw = debt, owe, required, obligation, obliged, bill, should.  






surplusOpposite, fwn = credit, surplus 


He earned a credit of 500 dollars: man viad gis ve qad fwn pupianpian dollars 

(Literally: He traded work and obtained credit 500 dollars.)


We will meet where those 2 roads intersect: mic fiaj za men pe zwuc fau 






fau = cross, meet, intersect, meeting.  





avoidOpposite, faun = avoid, miss 


We were amazed at how much food it took to fill him: mic ruid pie reih liu fei mans 





rui = amaze, surprise, wonder, extraordianary.  




ordinaryOpposite, ruin = ordinary, average, normal, common, natural 






fei = full, fill, satiated.  






emptyOpposite, fein = empty, hollow 


There is a long tunnel between England and France: re zia fein plio vw miuc go zain plias zen England ze France

(Literally: Exists a long hollow tube for vehicles to travel under the sea from England to France.)


abovezai = above, over.  








Opposite, zain = below, under 





He finds it difficult to work alone: re lun mansi gi fian 


Their relationship was no longer harmonious, so they wanted a divorce: moch fie gen re foun vai moc fod fien

(Literally: Their relationship ended being harmonious, therefore, they wanted divorce.)


Compare the brutal government of China with that of Denmark: fui rwin foi gia zo China fui vei zo Denmark

(Literally: Compare brutal authority control in china, compare that in Denmark.)






fui = compare, ratio, proportion 




contrast Opposite, fuin = contrast. 


peacefulrwi = peace, peaceful, non-violent.  





Opposite, rwin = harsh, brutal, violent 





Yes, you may have peace: la te lau fi rwi 


Hello, how are you doing? le vo te gli 





le = hello, greetings.  




goodbyeOpposite, len = goodbye 


Goodbye, see you later: len mi rwj tes tie 


I suggest you agree to disagree: mi lwu vei tec lo lau lon





lwu = suggest, advise, suggestion.  





warningOpposite, lwun = warn, caution 







lo = agree, agreement, concur.  








 Opposite, lon = oppose, object to, disagree, refuse 





The food he puts in his mouth does not include animal products: rei vei man go zo manh liesi loin mai vioc 


The store was closed: plie vw via liend

(Literally: The building for purpose of trade was closed.)



There is no substitute for experience: pian rai viu piu gis zo moh vwis 

(Literally: Nothing can substitute for a lot of work in one's profession.)


The sexy lady suddenly found justice: rie ma rwu laid lous 




 rwu = sudden, suddenly, instantaneous  





gradualOpposite, rwun = gradual, slope, sloping 






rie = sex, sexual, sexy 








 lou = justice, fair, balance.  





injusticeOpposite, loun = injustice, abuse of power, bias, abuse 


Traffic police sometimes abuse ordinary people: moc fi gia foi zu zwuc piun loun ruin moc

(Literally: People having control authority on roads sometimes abuse ordinary people.)


He bragged about how stupid his opponent was: man luid fe rain veinh moh zo fou

(Literally: He bragged about the stupidity of the other person in the conflict.) 






 lui = brag, ego, pretension, boast 



washing feet




luin = modest, self-deprecating, humble, humility







They paid attention to the interesting topic of discussion: moc riod bosi lwisi lih 





 rio = pay attention, awake, attention, looking, focus, conscious, consciousness.  




sleepyOpposite, rion = asleep, sleep, unaware 


He was hungry except when he slept: man reind lian tai man riond 


There was no penalty for failure: piand roin fa riun


She likes to eat organic food, but drinks water from plastic bottles: ma bw qe glwi vin ma qe ki zo glwin zoic

(Literally: She likes to eat natural, but drinks liquid in unnatural containers.)



Healthy Foods



glwi = natural, organic.  







Opposite, glwin = plastic, artificial 



His buildings had similar geometric shapes: manh pliec fid voi zou vuic    


platonic solids



 zou = square, geometric shape.  




curve Opposite, zoun = round, turn, curve, roll, twist, circle 





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