Lesson 3.


They drove his car as far as Miami: moc giad manh mius pio Miami 




gia = drive, control, regulate, manage, lead, leader.

Adding the "d" makes it past tense



 carmachine boat

truck planebus 

  miu = vehicle, machine, equipment.

Added “s” makes it the direct object 



as far as




pio = as far as, until, up to, enough that. 





The exciting event left a profound impression on him: bo qi gad glau moi mans 






bo = exciting, enthusiastic, excited, interested, interest.





boredOpposite, bon = bored, disinterest, boring 





qi = event, happen, occasion, experience, phenomena.




fictionOpposite, qin = non-event, did not happen, fiction, story 





bo qi gad glau moi mans

ga = cause, create, make, construct, build.





destroyOpposite, gan = destroy, crush, squash, break, discreate 






glau = profound, deep, advanced. 






shallowOpposite, glaun = shallow, trivial, superficial 





moi = impression, imprint, mark, memory, record.




eraseOpposite, moin = erase, forget 



I'm sorry, I forgot your name: Mi bwu laind teh vau 








bwu = sorry, regret, apology 







discoverClassroomLessonExplore  Search  Learn  -Experience

 Feel lai = find, discover, explore, experience, feel, search, learn, study.





Opposite, lain = lose, forget 




He shone the light in my direction: man gad mou go ze misi

(Literally: He caused the light to go towards me)  






mou = light, radiation, brightness, visual.




darkOpposite, moun = dark 


go move2 move1

move4 move move3

move5move6 moving2

go = go, move, come, put, journey, travel, send, movement.



stayOpposite, gon = remain, stay, keep still 


forward towards towards2 towards3 ze = towards, to, direction forward, front, face.



backwards  from2 from from3

Opposite, zen = from, back, backwards 


misi = (indirect object) to me 


We can't work in the dark: mic lan rai gi zou moun








rai = able, can do, ability, the right to, competent, intelligent.







stupidOpposite, rain = stupid, incompetent 






gi = work, do, activity, behaviour, action, procedure, function, operate. 





lazyOpposite, gin = lazy, inactive, idle 


The spiritual teacher explored another realm: mo vei roi lw fe mio laid vein muis

(Literally: The person that gives knowledge about spirit explored another realm.) 





roi = give, gift, prize, reward.




penaltyOpposite, roin = penalty, fine, take, steal 




lw = knowledge, information, concept, idea 








fe = about, concerning, of, in relation to, for






He swam to rescue her: man god zo plias vw gio mas

(Literally: He moved through the water in order to rescue her.) 





zw = across, through, via, going through or across.  




detourOpposite, zwn = bypass, go around, detour 





plia = ocean, sea, water, lake 









gio = retrieve, save, rescue, recover 








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