Lesson 7.


She likes dogs, but is hostile towards cats : ma bw plouc vin ma bwn pluic 







plou = dog, canine. 






Conditionalvi = if, conditional, depend. 



 Opposite, vin = but, anyway, no matter what, although, unconditional 








plui = cat, feline 





The child was excited about the circus: rian bod fe gwu fa maic

(Literally:  Child was excited about entertainment with animals.) 


bod = was excited (added “d” makes it past tense) 


The movie was boring: gwu vie mou zu zei zie bond

(Literally: Entertainment using light on vertical surface was boring.)  


bond = was boring (opposite of bo, past tense) 


I am grateful for sunshine and blue skies: mi bu pliusi ve rwsi zi tusi kesi

(Literally: I grateful for sunshine and for looking up to blue sky.)  





bu = grateful, gratitude, thanks, thank you.  




resentmentOpposite, bun = resentment, resent 





pliu = sunshine, sun, star 



She resented her overly polite mother: ma bund mah qw biu rias ma





qw = too much, too many, overly.  




insufficientOpposite, qwn = not enough, insufficient 





biu = polite, please.  





rudeOpposite, biun = rude, obnoxious 


The whole village was unhappy about the oil drilling: pia piun fiu bind fe ga kwic zo ploi vw qa ki rei miucsi 

(Literally: Entire small community was unhappy about making holes in the earth purpose to take liquid fuel for vehicles.)





fiu = village, tribe, community, nation 






kwi = hole, gap, crack, interrupt. 





continuousOpposite, kwin = continuous, unbroken 


They were telling funny stories: moc lid bai qinc 







bai = funny, laughing, laughter.  





cryingOpposite, bain = cry, crying, grief 


The romantic novel sometimes made her cry: bei gui piun ga mas bain





bei = romantic, poetic, melodic.  




discordantOpposite, bein = discordant, jarring, crass 





writing3  gui = Write, writing, written form, book, magazine  



That statesman was greatly admired: men va vei gia fius red piu baud

(Literally: That doer who leads the community was much admired.)  







va = person or thing who does, cause, source, origin, force behind action or condition.   






receivingOpposite, van = person or thing acted upon, done to.  






bau = admire, appreciate, admiring. Added “d” = past tense 




hateOpposite, baun = despise, hate. 


They despise rude people: moc baun biun mocs 


The music was loud and discordant: gai rud re tia fid piu gei ve red bein

(Literally: The sound thought to be beautiful had much loudness and was discordant.)  





gai = sound, vibrate, shake, noise. 





calmOpposite, gain = calm, silent 






ru = opinion, expect, believe, belief, think. 





Would you please try to improve that ugly building? Vo te biu gou ga men bian plie qo tia

(Literally: Asking you please try to make that unpleasant building more beautiful?)





Vo te biu gou ga men bian plie qo tia

gou = try, attempt, test, experiment.  





give-upOpposite, goun = give up, abandon 


pleasingbia = pleasant, pleasure, pleasing. 





Opposite, bian = unpleasant, pain, painful 





He definitely has the courage to climb that mountain: man vu fi bio go zi men pou zei zie pio zausi

(Literally: He definitely has the courage to go up that almost vertical surface as far as the top.)  


Commitment  promisefor sure  vu = definitely, emphasis, promise, commit.  



prohibited  not No Opposite, vun = not, negation of phrase 










bio = courage, confident, brave, confront, face up to.  







worryOpposite, bion = fear, worry, concern 




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