Lesson 8.


He was worried about her safety during the game: man biond fe mah gloi tai bie 





gloi = safety, safe, secure, peaceful.  










Opposite, gloin = risk, danger  










bie = game, play, fun, playful, easy going.  




strictOpposite, bien = serious, strict  


He was overly ambitious and rude: man qw bou ve biund  





bou = ambitious, promising.  




apathyOpposite, boun = apathetic, hopeless  


I'm not sure I can make it, but I will remain calm: mi boin fe mih rai riu vin mi gonj buin  






riu = succeed, win.  






failureOpposite, riun = fail, lose, failure  


angrybui = angry, anger.  







Opposite, buin = calm, dispassionate  




He is too apathetic to move: man re qw boun vai lan rai go

(Literally: He was too apatheric consequently not able to move.)  





vai = so, consequently, as a result, therefore  




He was so angry, he hit her: man buid pio vai man gaud mas  




gau = hit, strike, impact  


She was jealous of all his possessions: ma bwid fe pia man fid 






bwi = jealous, envy  




You must change the way you do things: liu te gu lio gi  






gu = change, alter.  





persistOpposite, gun = continue, remain the same, persist  


He sang in a high vocal range: man gad beis gai zi lie fa gw glie

(Literally: He made melodic sound from the mouth, with fast frequency.)  






lie = mouth, entrance, door, gate, opening.  




shut  Opposite, lien = shut, closed  





gw = high pitch, fast, rapid, speed.  




slowOpposite, gwn = slow, low pitch  




glie= frequency, pitch, recurrence, rhythm, repetition, often,

chain, series, habitual, repeatedly.

glie+ a number = the number of repetitions.  




She helped him during his recovery: ma gied mans tai man raund gli  


becomerau = become.  



 Opposite, raun = revert back to, restore  


The government caused major damage to the country: moc vei gia vie foi gad piu gien piusi fiusi

(Literally: The people that control using authority caused much harm to the large community.)  



 foi = authority, compelling force, law, rules, require, expect, order



disobey-Opposite, foin = disobey, resist   


The porter carried her bags at the airport: man fa vwi giu zoic gied mas zo za vw miuc vei go zw kes

(Literally: The man with the job to carry containers helped her in the location for vehicles that move through the air.)  







vwi = job, occupation, profession  














giu = carry, support, hold  






droppingOpposite, giun = drop  





zoi = container, bag, shell, edge, perimeter, surrounding surface, skin  



Their rigid views hindered their understanding: moch kwn ruc laund moch qes  




kw = flexible, easy going, open minded, free thinker, soft, loose.  







Opposite, kwn = rigid, firm, unyielding, dogmatic, insisting, hard, hardness, tight.  





allowlau = permit, enable, allow, willing, free, open.  








Opposite, laun = hinder, block, prevent, forbid, restrain  








Her painting sold for the most money: mah gwi vio viad qusi plw

(Literally: Her artwork product traded for the most money.)  






qu = most, greatest.  






smallestOpposite, qun = least, smallest  





vio = product, result, consequence  







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