Lesson 9.

I don't have enough information to complete the project: mi fi qwn lw gen gi vios  


He will ask if the antique vase is authentic: man qaij vi piu gle kian kwn zoi vw meic re glei 

(Literally: He will ask if very valuable, old, rigid container for plants is authentic.)  





qai = ask, request  




answerOpposite, qain = answer, respond, reply  




  gle = value, worth, valuable, good, useful, benefit 




rubbishOpposite, glen = worthless, trash, rubbish  




glei = authentic, true, truth, reliable, trustworthy, genuine, real 

Opposite, glein = fake, deceive, lie, trick, false, pretense





Calculate half the distance between Paris and Moscow: qau vwu zia Paris ze Moscow  





  qau = calculate, solve, think, unlock  




problem Opposite, qaun = problem, challenge, task, lock  






  vwu = half, between, half way, middle  





They have a different system of government: moc fi vein qei giah fius

(Literally: They have different system of controlling the community.)  





  qei = system, plan, organize, tidy, arrangement  





untidyOpposite, qein = chaos, random, untidy  


That country is really a mess: men fiu vu qein




  pei = 9.









 poi = multiply by, times  




divideOpposite, poin = divide  


 po poi pau re pipe 

4 X 8 = 32


pipe poin pau re po

32 ÷  8 = 4




eight  eight1 

 pau = 8.





 pipe = 32  



You must decide who owns what: tec liu qie fwu mo fi fwu plac 

(Literally: you necessary decide which person owns which things.)  






 qie = decide, choice, decision, select, or










 fwu = which, what, who, specify  






I was inspired to create this language: mi qiud ga me lio lih

(Literally: I was inspired to make this way of speaking.)  






  qiu = inspire, dream, imagine, vision, inspiration  




 Opposite, qiun = nightmare  



He cut his finger: man qoid manh plus  








plu = finger  






toeOpposite, plun = toe  







  qoi = cut, cutting, sharp  





BluntOpposite, qoin = blunt  


You can copy the way he did that: te rai qou lios man gid mens  





 qou = copy, imitate, mimic, duplicate  




How do you measure the thickness of his hair? Vo lio qui ziu plwih manh  




qui = measure, assess, judge, estimate, test  








ziu = thickness, density, wide, thick, fat  





thinOpposite, ziun = thin, rarefied  





plwi = hair, bristle, feather, wool, fur  





Why do I tolerate her calling so often? Vo vw mi qwi vei ma gou li misi zw plioc qw glie

(Literally: what purpose I tolerate that she tries to speak to me through the wires too often)  







qwi = tolerate, tolerant, forgive  





accuseOpposite, qwin = accuse, judge, criticize, blame  



 plio = cylinder, line, rope, chain, rod, wire, cylindrical  


They accused me of a crime: moc qwind mis gi gien fou fois fiuh

(Literally: They accused me do harm against laws of the community.)  






fou = against, conflict, opposing, fight, compete, struggle  





harmoniousOpposite, foun = co-operate, harmony, harmonious  


Wait until they sort the mail: qwu pio moc gliu guis zen piu zia

(Literally: Wait until the people sort the writings from great distance.)  




qwu = wait, patience, await  


impatientOpposite, qwun = impatient  






 gliu = sort, classify, type, category  






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